Diller is focused on serving healthy food that is responsibly sourced and prepared into craveable options! Keeping it 100% Kosher and vegetable heavy, Diller appeals to the modern clientele and meets a myriad of dietary needs with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu options.

Is Diller Kosher

Yes, Diller serves kosher food.

What kosher certification do you have?

We use a local Rabbi. His name is Rabbi Shmuel Fishelis.

Is Diller Gluten-Free?

Diller has gluten-free options.  Just let us know.

Is your cheese Chalov Israel?

Yes our cheese is Chalov Isreal, but our burger bun and dairy sauces are not.

Do yoiu have non dairy options?

Yes we do have non dairy options upon request.

Are you guys vegan?

We are 100% vegetarian with vegan options upon request.